1. Entry: Loss item(s) have been verified by the claim handler, contact ERS for claims process.
  2. Verification: All available information submitted to ERS is processed for validation. If any information appears incomplete, the claim handler is immediately notified. Per your approval, ERS may require to contact your insured to obtain necessary information to proceed with the claim.
  3. Replacement Information: When the loss item(s) are verified, ERS will match loss items with current replacement information and replacement prices.
  4. Replacement: Once approved by the claim handler and the insured, ERS will expedite replacements directly to your insured. ERS will invoice your company for all replacements and shipping, less any deductible, depreciation, or betterment that may apply. ERS will collect any fees directly from your insured via personal check or charge card.
    All electronic replacement items are guaranteed sealed factory fresh with all warranty and instruction manuals. Extended warranties are also available.
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